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Mai Kokubo (Euphonium) is from Shizuoka, Japan and holds a Master of Music Degree in Euphonium Performance from University of North Texas where she studied under Dr. Brian Bowman.She also holds a bachelor's degree from Kunitachi College of Music where she studied under Mr. Toru Miura. 

 She has been invited to appear as guest artist at various esteemed music festivals including the U.S. Army Tuba - Euphonium Workshop 2024 (Washington D.C., U.S), International Falcone Tuba Euphonium Festival 2023(Michigan, U.S), International Tuba Euphonium Conference 2023(Arizona, U.S.) ,2019(Iowa, U.S.), 2016(Tennessee, U.S.), and 2014(Indiana, U.S.).

  As a Soloist, she has performed with The U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own", Tokyo New City Orchestra, UNT Symphony Orchestra, UNT Wind Symphony, and with multiple school bands. 
Also, Mai has released CDs "A War in Wonderland"(2015) and "Miko Dance" (2020) which were nominated ITEA Roger Bobo Awards. 

 Mai hosted "Euphonium and Tuba Festival in Hamamtsu" in May 2015 and May 2018. Over 200 participants enjoyed many events such as warm-up clinic, band excerpts, and recitals by her college students and professional musicians.

She currently teaches at Aichi University of the Arts, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kinjyo Gakuin University, and Tokoha Gakuen Junior College.

The U.S. Army Tuba-Euphonium Workshop 2024
Summer Triangle / Yukiko Nishimura
Yukiko Nishimura / Summer Triangle
Conducted by Captain Bonnie Alger
Euphonium Solo by Mai Kokubo 小久保まい
Performed by  The US Army Band "Pershing's Own"

February 3rd 2024  Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall 
ITEC 2023 Evening Concert
   Miko Dance /Hiroshi Hoshina
     Conducted by Hiroshi Hoshina
     Solo:Mai Kokubo 
     Performed by:Salt River Brass Band
   Softly, As I Leave You / Alfred De Vita
     Conducted by Hiroshi Hoshina
     Solo:Mai Kokubo and Dr.Brian Bowman (Euphonium)​
     Performed by:Salt River Brass Band


​    June.1st 2023 Arizona State University 

《Donegal Bay 》 
​Composed by :Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Performed by : Mai Kokubo (Euphonium Solo)
This is a Memorial Concert for (安藤純平) Jyunpei Ando who were a Tuba player, and past away because of his cancer, age 32, in 2016.
《HOSHIMEGURI NO UTA -Song of The Circling Stars》
for Solo Euphonium and Wind Band 
Euphonium Solo: Mai Kokubo
Performance: Hamamatsu Konan Junior High School Band
Conductor: Shigeru Yano  
《A Song for Japan》
Dr.Bowman and his former students
A Recital at Hamamatsu Shizuoka, from Dr.Brian Bowman Japan Tour 2013 . (2013/05/20) Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.
Performed by: Dr.Bowman, Dr.Mitsuru Saito( from Minami Souma, Fukushima) Mai Kokubo, and Takeshi Hatano.
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